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Our Products : Fig Jams, Culinary products, and in season the Fresh Figs.
Also do not miss our last creation, the Fig Chutney with Spices!

Black Figs Jam
(Confiture de figues noires)


White Figs Jam
(Confiture de figues blanches)


Very rustique ", inspired by the old recipes of our grandmas; the taste of terroir, the aromas of Provence.
The texture of the small bits of figs gives this jam a unique "character". It will bring sun at your breakfast table.



Lighter, more delicate, more féminine ". Made with the " Dauphine " figs with a very thin skin and almost seedless. Its taste is very fine, thanks to the fruit's high fructose content, this jam is a marvel of sweetness. It can be enjoyed at breakfast, and is particulary recommended in pastries, cakes, creps, etc... Just as a good wine, this jam tends to further develop as it is getting old.

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Net Weight:370g   Price:6.20€

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Net Weight:370g   Price:6.20€






Figs and Walnuts Jam
(Confiture de figues aux noix)


Fig Chutney with Spices
(Chutney aux Figues et aux Épices)

Happy mariage of the fig of Provence and the walnuts of Dauphiné : an old countryside recipe. In the fall, when these two fruits were ripe, our ancestors would prepare with passion this jam, which was going to be their favorite winter dessert. It was generally consumed in the evenings after dinners and around the fireplace. It was a common gift for Christmas and to welcome guests.

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Net Weight:370g   Price:6.20€


The Fig Chutney with Spices is a perfect condiment/sauce which invites Provence into your meal. The mild spices mix are here to please tastebuds and develop the taste of what it is served with.
To be served warm or cold. On small grilled toasts as a starter, or with sauteed potatoes, pasta, rice, meat or grilled fish.

Net Wgt:210g   Price:6.20€

Awarded "best new product" at Paris Fermier 





We produce three main types of fresh figs that we sell at the farm and ship on the national market. 

Noire de Caromb


Bourjassotte Noire



Voir la photo Noire de Caromb (7403 octets)
Price varies through the season


also known as " Parisienne " or " Violette de Solliès ". Black fig with only one harvest from mid August to late October/early November.


Voir la photo Dauphine (7531 octets)
Price varies through the season

Black fig with two harvests. The first one in early July, the second one from September to mid October.


Voir la photo Boursajotte (9971 octets)
Price varies through the season


also known as " Blanche d’Argenteuil ", " Goutte d’Or ", or " Grise de Tarascon ". White/Green fig with two harvests. The first one in late June, the second one from mid August to mid October.


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